Friday, May 28, 2010

Pictures pictures pictures...

I know I posted only a week ago, but at that point I realized I haven't taken many pictures lately so this week I tried to be better...and there were lots of photo ops!

The other day Maggie was playing with her doll again. She would lay it on the ground with her blanket, walk over to the closet and shut herself in it, of course, after saying, "Bye bye" to her doll. It was so funny. She must have done it 20 times. I don't know if she thought she was putting it to bed or going to 'work'.
Jacob had his birthday party on Saturday. It was really fun for the kids. He got some good presents and they all had a blast. No birthday cake though. Jacob hates cake, and I thought long and hard about making him one anyway just because. But, Jake insisted he didn't want one, he wanted "M & M cookies and green ice cream." So I skipped the cake (after all, it is Jake) and made cookies (which he didn't eat anyway) and served mint chip ice cream. Not too traditional but yummy nevertheless. Jacob still doesn't believe me when I tell him he is 4. He laughs as if to say, "Silly mom, you are such a nut!" Then tells me, "No, I am THREE!"
Eric is in Washington DC for the week so I went my mom's for a few days. The kids always have tons of fun. She has a fun hot tub in her backyard with a rock waterfall. The boys love to climb up to the top and play.

I also bought a bubble machine that was a hit. Maggie was fascinated....
She kept sticking her fingers in it and breaking it!
She is still cute though.
We went to a museum called, "Pretend City." It is pretty cool--there is a whole "town" complete with restaurant, post office, grocery store, beach (sand and all), house, construction site, garden, arts and crafts center, etc. The pics got a little out of order so here is one then more to follow....
One again, atop the waterfall (turned off this time). I worry a little about them up there, but with 2 boys and one on the way I have realized if I accept 2 things my life goes much smoother. 1) They will get dirty, very dirty. and 2) They will get hurt. My job is to try to keep the dirt outside and make sure that if they do get hurt they won't kill themselves. The fact that Jacob is still alive today is quite an accomplishment by anyone's standards.
My mom has a little toy dog that walks and barks. Maggie is in love with it. Maybe it is time to get a dog? Naw.
They were playing ring around the rosy and Maggie loved it.....
However, if she was slow to "fall down" Jacob took care of it--you can see him here coming after her to knock her down.
More Pretend City--they even have a place to paint on the wall!

Maggie trying to feed the baby chicks Ritz crackers through the glass.
Last of all, Maggie's latest "totally annoying but totally funny" thing is her obsession with the vacuum. As soon as I get it out she plops herself down right in front of it and starts grabbing at it. I have tried moving her but then she just walks back over to where I am trying to vacuum and sits down in front of it again. She has no fear of it at all--I push it up to her while it is running and she will lean over and lick the light and pat the top. I wonder what she sees as so fascinating? All I know is that it takes me 10 times longer to vacuum because I have to keep moving her around!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Drumroll please.....

Well, I suppose I've been eating too many frogs and snails and puppy-dogs''s a BOY! Now I am not going to lie--I know it's taboo to say, but I am a little bummin'. I REALLY REALLY wanted another girl for many many reasons but alas, it isn't to be. Good news is that the baby looks great and healthy as far as they can tell. My belly isn't faring so well--I look huge for only being half-way there. Oh well, I guess by number 4 I can't be too hard on myself. Though it is pretty pathetic when you think your maternity clothes feel a bit snug. So now it's time to pick out a name....Eric is really pushing for Gus, but I keep reminding him this isn't a mouse from Cinderella. Tyler is reading this over my shoulder and just suggested the name Chunk--"You remember, like from the pirate movie, 'The Goonies'?" I am pulling mom veto on both of those. If I'm the one who has to get fat and actually HAVE the baby (Jacob told me last night to go to the dentist so he could take out the baby) then I get at least 65% say in the name! And just for reference Jacob's pick is Hunter. Sad that my craziest kid comes up with the most normal name.

I haven't taken any kid pics in a while (Jacob and Maggie have had pink eye--gross!) so photo ops were few and far between. Plus don't you think it is so frustrating how hard it is to capture the essence of your kids' cuteness on camera--a nearly impossible feat. Especially with Maggie now because she will be so cute and I will get out the camera--the next thing I know she sees the camera and runs up to it so I can't get any pictures. Ugh! Here are a few my mom took when she was out a while back...

Don't let the angelic smile fool you--she is just trying to lure you into her sweetness before she turns into The Pest-icator!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A few things...

Jacob came to me the other day and told me he didn't like his bed because it didn't have a "cool" tent like Tyler's did. He said he needed a new bed. Well, I wasn't about to go buy him a bed, let alone that my house is way too small for anything other than a bunk bed, so I came up with this....It isn't perfect by any means, though I am pretty proud I was able to put in a "window"! Two actually, but I was making it late at night so couldn't go measure it in the boys' room. So the back side is a little off, but the kids don't care. I did make several mistakes but the boys don't care so it's all good! They LOVE playing in it and Jacob loves to sleep in it.

Then yesterday I turned on the oven and after a minute smelled a really weird BAD BAD BAD smell. The oven wasn't heating and none of the burners would turn on. I called the housing maintenance people and they filed it as an emergency and told me they would have to notify the fire dept. Okay, so we waited outside since it smelled to bad inside. A minute later we heard sirens. The boys said, "They are coming!" I told them that must be for something else--they wouldn't use the sirens for us! Lo and behold around the corner comes the fire truck, sirens blaring! 3 Firemen in their fire jackets and helmets came inside, pulled my oven out (totally embarrassing the mess that was under there by the way....) and checked for gas leaks. Turned out the construction down the way broke a gas main and the smell was the propane mixing with air or something. No biggie, but it certainly added some excitement to the kids' day!
Lastly, on Sunday Tyler kept opening the front door to look at some baby birds in a nest up on our porch eave. I told him to stop since every time he opened it Maggie would run outside and I would have to go catch her. He didn't listen so I told him firmly to knock it off. He got upset so tried to slam the door but ended up slamming his toe....
Nasty! I did feel bad, but I do have to admit there was a small part of me that wanted to shout out, "I told you so!" but I restrained myself. It looks so much worse in person! The nail is all raised up because of the swelling. Yuck! But he told me yesterday, "Mom, I wish I had listened to you and stopped opening the door." I'll take that as a minor victory, despite the wound.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Muddy Mayhem

Do you think this is too close to watch tv?We went for a walk/bike ride (kids) last Saturday. Jacob is getting to be decent at riding his bike considering it is way too small, completely rusted from 4 years of use and being outside and basically falling apart (guess what he is getting for his birthday...). Still, he never complains....what a stud! Plus we can always tell where he is...."squeak squeak squeak...."
The other night we gave Maggie some "Chocolate Lush" dessert--I think she liked it...... She ended up licking the plate clean, then her high chair tray too.
The kids were outside playing and happened to turn on the hose (on my mom's watch). Mud ensued as did a few dirty kids. Maggie is perfecting her stink eye. In this instance she dropped her bowl of sunflower seeds in the mud and I wouldn't let her pick them out and eat them.
She got a little dirty but it definitely could have been worse. I know I am posting a few boring pictures, but I swear I could look at pictures of my kids all day long. Which is odd because they are way cuter in person and I get to see that all day long. I think it must be that looking at pictures there is no need to get them a snack, clean them off, stop the fighting, put them in time out, clean up messes, etc. etc. etc.

This morning Tyler slammed his toe in the door and was resting it while propping it up on a chair. Maggie decided he looked too comfortable so she climbed up and sat on him. The Jacob, never one to let the action pass him by, did the same. They all thought they were pretty silly.