Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day of School!

It has finally arrived (a few days late). Summer is officially over and school has begun. I now have TWO boys in school who are both very excited about it. Jacob has been asking for a couple weeks, incessantly, "How many more days until school?" He had to be extra patient and wait a whole week to start after Tyler started but he made it through. Here he is on his big day...Tyler was also very excited to go back to school. He likes his teacher a lot and also already knows some people in his class. This year we are implementing a "school shoes/play shoes" policy. Ty goes through shoes faster than anyone else I have ever seen. So we decided to buy him shoes for school only and then he has to change into his nasty play shoes after school. Hopefully this will save us having to buy new shoes in a month! So far so good.
With the boys back in school life is getting back some of its regimen. School, homework, Tyler in football, scouts and guitar lessons, and Jacob starting soccer. We definitely have a lot to keep us busy this year...can't wait until next summer!