Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spring is Here!

Winter is finally giving up and letting spring win, Hooray!  But with spring means lots of business as well.  Jacob's soccer season has been in full swing so we've been enjoying a lot of games!  His team has done awesome--in fact they started as a B league team and did so well they were bumped to the A league and are currently in first place in the A league!  Semi finals are tonight and we are excited to go.  Jacob has been feeling under the weather but I'm sure he's determined to win!  Go Shooters!

Here's the older boys at one of Jake's games.  I love it when Tyler comes to cheer Jake on.

As you may recall, in San Diego we went to a baseball game.  Well after that Tyler has the baseball bug.  He wants to play all the time now.  It's too muddy outside (we still don't have any grass) so he plays in the rec room under the garage.  Thank goodness for the cages over the lights!
Poor Tyler also had an allergy test.  He is allergic to the horses but loves to ride and be around them.  So we did some research and decided to see an allergist about doing immunotherapy.  Here's the results of his scratch test...
Yikes!  Turns out he's allergic to a lot more than horses.  Mostly pollens and grasses and some trees.  Poor guy was so itchy but couldn't scratch his back.  But he survived, and the doctor recommended immunotherapy (lots and lots of shots over the next year basically, and longer).  So he goes in today for his first shots.  Here's hoping it works great for him so he can enjoy the horses.

Eric, Jacob and I went for a ride the other day as well.  It was a short ride, just testing out a new horse we got.  Jacob started on Penny, a horse we've had for a long time.

But then after I tested out the new horse a bit, we let Jake ride her.  We named her Oreo since she is black and white. I think it is called a roan.  It was a fun little ride.  Eric even made me drive the horse trailer back (almost all the way) to our house.  We had to stop at a gas station and I made him switch. I do NOT like driving that thing, but I did it!
In more exciting news, now that better weather is here (well, except for all the rain we've had lately) we are starting on the barn.  They have it almost all framed but I only have a picture of the concrete trucks.  We did a monolithic pour and had 8 spot footings--they used 7 concrete trucks!  Sheesh, can't wait for that bill....
Spring also brought us a wonderful treat--our favorite horse Deuce finally had her foal!  It is so cute.  She was born in Cinco de Mayo so we are going to call her Cinco.  We didn't get to see the birth--it happened while the kids were all at school one day.  But lo and behold that evening we went up to see the horses and there was the baby!  Wobbly legs and all.
With some slow movement and coaxing we were able to get close to the foal and even pet it.  Deuce is such a mellow horse she never cared we were touching the baby, but the foal was a little timid.   The kids did so good getting up to her and being soft and quiet (mostly..well, not Joey).

Cinco is so soft and fuzzy.  It is so fun to watch her run around.  Now we have to figure out how to train her.
Maggie was goofing around the other night and wanted me to take this.  I thought it was funny.
In our effort to start training the foal, we got a little pint sized halter for her and tried working with her to get it on and comfortable with it.  Luckily at this point we are still stronger than the horse.  It won't last for long!

Look at Cinco with her little halter on.  SO adorable.  We even got her to lick our hands.  Maybe she liked the salty taste?  Who knows, but it was cute anyway.
Eric worked on leading her around a little.  She didn't quite get it yet but she will.  I just think she looks too cute with that halter on.  Good thing her mom is so mellow.  There were a couple times little Cinco was trying her best to get away.
And of course nothing can be easy, right?  So guess who went and got herself sprayed point blank by a skunk?
Miss Ziggy.  She smelled so bad, we tried everything, baking soda and peroxide, tomato juice, but she still stinks.   Argh!

A few days before Cinco was born we actually went up to ride the horses a little bit around the field.  Eric wanted to give the kids some experience being around the horses and dealing with them, etc.  Which I think is a great idea.  

This white beauty we call Crazy Alice.  She doesn't act too crazy, but she looks a little crazy!  She has such light fur and bright blue eyes.  She's a good horse but hates to be caught.  Once you've got her she's ok but sometimes getting that rope on her is tricky.

Jacob is riding Deuce here, before she had her baby.  She's so fun to ride.  Everyone's favorite horse even though she is small.
Tyler riding Dutch.

What a great day for a quick ride!  The backdrop doesn't hurt either!  I love it when things green up but there is still snow on the mountains.
Maggie riding Penny.
It was a good time on the horses.  The kids did well and we are all learning how to be real "horse people."

As the end of the school year approaches I get treated to some school programs starring my kids.  Maggie had her first grade program last Friday.  She was one of the hula hoopers.  I had no idea she could hula hoop so well....I am miserable at it.  She looked so cute and sang her heart out.  I loved it.

And since life had been a lot about soccer lately, here's a few shots of Jake playing.  Their normal team uniform is the white jersey, but since sometimes other teams also have white we wear the green ones (their name and number is on the back).  Jacob really loves soccer.  He plays defender and does a great job.  He has such a fun team, almost all of them were his friends in school already.  So it's great to see them play together.

Spring is here and summer is coming soon!  I can't wait for school to be out and all the good times we will have over the next few months!