Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Fun

Did you know that I live in a castle? It must be a castle because there is a princess who lives here. I can prove it, I got a picture of her eating Goldfish crackers in her Cinderella ball gown...On to more annoying things, when we first moved in there were some sparrows building a nest above our porch. They were working so hard and were almost done so I decided to let them be. Biggest mistake of my life. Little did I know they would have 5 babies, who would then grow into birds themselves, and all 7 of them together would create the biggest poop factory anyone has ever seen. It is truly a shame bird poop isn't worth anything--I'd have been a millionaire. I caught a pic of the little rascals before they flew the coop. Mom and dad aren't home right now...
You can bet that nest was knocked down the day those birdies could fly! I won't make that mistake next summer!

For the fourth of July we went to see the hot air balloon show in Provo. Eric was running a race so we decided to get up early and go with him. While he sweated blood and tears we sat enjoying the show, but unfortunately right as the balloons were getting up the wind picked up and they had to take them all down. A bit of a let down.
But we still had a good time hanging out. Plus we went out for breakfast after and anytime my kids get pancakes and bacon they are happy campers.
We also took a little day trip (day for us, overnight for others) up the canyon. The kids had a blast exploring and riding in the Rhino. Maggie was particularly cute, as always.
She loves the Rhino so much she spent most of her time climbing up into it and buckling herself in even though there was no one to drive her.
Back to home, I was upstairs and happened to look over the balcony and saw this...
Now what do you think could possibly be so enticing as to entertain all four children at once? My iPhone. Best money I ever spent! Even Joey was in on the action. It was so cute.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ode to Jo(e)y

Poor Joey...he is so neglected as far as picture taking goes! So I am dedicating this post to him. It's not that I don't mean to take pictures of him, my intentions are good, but to happen upon those cute moments, when the rest of the kids are not in my hair, when I have the camera close...well, it's like the stars need to align. Not to mention the fact that picture are almost always disappointing since they rarely capture children's cuteness. But I will try to be more diligent about capturing Joey's adorable-ness on camera so that he can't hold me accountable for all his problems when he's older because he was a neglected child.

Joey can be a little ornery at times...but usually as long as he is the center of attention he is okay. This sad face is because he is sick. Doesn't it make your heart break? Poor little guy.
Joey is growing so fast it makes me nostalgic already--he is almost a toddler and not a baby anymore. Boo hoo.
His favorite new pastime is showing off his skills at stair climbing. I keep finding him trying to climb up my big flight of wooden stairs--not very child friendly. Twice I have found him all but two or three stairs from the top--can you say HEART ATTACK! I swear I am not a neglectful mother, but he is fast! You can see that look in his eye here at the bottom of the stairs thinking about how excited he is to be climbing up the stairs!
He is such a sweet little chunk of a thing. I just want to squish him.

Anyway, there is my tribute to Joey, a sweet, attention loving, people person baby, soon to be toddler. You gotta love him.