Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Grandma on the Mountain

Last week I took the kids to my mom's house, known to Joey as "Grandma on the Mountain."  It's pretty funny because their OTHER grandma, Grandma Swenson, actually DOES live on a mountain.  My mom just has a big hill behind her house.  Joey kept talking about "Grandma on the Mountain."  I kept thinking he was referring to Grandma Swenson.  It took a while, but I realized he was talking about my mom.  My efforts to explain to him that Grandma SWENSON lived on the mountain were in vain, so my mom is "Grandma on the Mountain."  

I drove the kids out all by myself--it sounds awful, huh?  I'm so strong!  Actually I've done it quite a few times now and I have a great system going.  I make it in less time than when Eric comes with me.  We leave around 4 a.m. and don't stop until we get out for breakfast at Denny's in St. George.  This drive I only had to stop one more time in Barstow for gas/potty/snack break.  Eric always makes the mistake of buying the kids drinks and stuff.  Big no no.  This is where the true sacrifices of motherhood come into play!  No matter if I want a drink I don't stop.  Once the kids have more than a mouthful of liquid it is potty-stop mania for the next hour and a half.  Their miniscule bladders just can't handle it.  

Not 3 minutes after we arrived the kids were putting on their swimsuits and jumping into the hot tub.  They will miss that for sure once my mom moves out of that house!  It is the favorite activity.  We went to the beach a couple times.  The weather was HOT and HUMID so the beach actually felt nice.  I have to embrace the fact that we will get all sandy, the bags sandy, the car sandy, towels get sandy, EVERYTHING GETS SANDY (internal screaming).  Deep breath.  I must embrace it to have a good time and it helps!

Tyler and Jacob got way out there in waves this time--it was awesome!  We found a ton of seashells and cool stuff.  There was a big storm out in the ocean and it was washing up big waves with all the shells in them.  It was a blast. 

We also went to the Long Beach Aquarium one day.  That is a really fun aquarium--and I am pretty picky since I grew up going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  You get to touch jellyfish, little sharks, manta rays, anemones, starfish, sea cucumbers, etc.  After the aquarium we took a boat ride around Long Beach Harbor.  We got to see a bunch of seals and sea lions so that was fun.
 We finally came prepared for the beach, after all these years, with an umbrella and chair.  We finally got it all figure out now that we probably won't be going back!

 I just love the look of sheer joy!

 Oh the ever popular hot tub!  Does it get better than that--hot tubbing with soda and pizza?  No school, no chores, no homework...that's the life!  I have a feeling that they will be in for a rude awakening next week when school starts (and I will too!).

 We all went out to Farrell's for dinner one night.  It was so loud--awesome because my kids didn't annoy anyone!  We got yummy HUGE burgers and some ice cream afterwards of course.  Maggie and I shared.
 Even Joey got one!
 Of course we had to take the annual trip to Chuck E. Cheese at grandma's house.  Joey LOVES Chuck E Cheese!  I know a whole bunch of you are groaning out there at the idea of going there, but I'll tell you what, any place I can take all my kids where they all have a good time, where we are all hand stamped so no one leaves or gets lost, treats, I can sit and relax, is a GOOD place for me!  Plus they have revamped and have a ton of new video games so it is way less ghetto than it used to be.  Works for us!
 The best picture of the trip...   This was her umpteenth time in the hot tub.  I'm surprised my kids didn't turn into raisins what with how much time they spent getting wrinkled in the water!
 Jacob was a great help with Joey.
 Some aquarium pics....I don't know why my pictures uploaded out of order.

It was a really fun trip, as usual going down there.  One funny thing, Maggie asked me "Why did Jesus make Jacob a hot guy?"  I looked at her and kind of laughed and said, "What?"  "Why is Jacob such a hot guy?  You know, he likes hot things?"  (Meaning spicy food).  I laughed.  How cute--and with Maggie being 5 going on 16 it's a good thing she doesn't know about REAL hot guys yet!