Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pics galore...

I am short on time so lots of pics will make up for a lack of words. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Jake asked a question I couldn't answer today. He looked at the speedometer in the van and asked what the highest number was. I said 160 mph. He said, "Wow, this car can go that fast!" I told him I didn't think the car could actually go that fast, and even if it could we could never drive it that fast because it's illegal. He asked, "Well then why do they put the numbers so high?" Seriously, right? Why do they? Like I am going to drive 160 mph down the road in my MINIVAN!? Yeah, I bought that car for speed...

A few of you have been asking to see pics of the house. It will come slowly, in installments (because I can't seem to keep it all clean with the kids running around). Here are pics of the office (to the left when you enter) and the dining room (to the right--a completely superfluous room but it came with the house so what are you gonna do?--actually we have used it several times already...)
Joey's new favorite place to play? In the innards of my paper shredder garbage. Ugh. One more thing I have to keep up on top of the desk (along with the garbage).
Last week Eric was playing football with Ty and all the neighborhood kids came to join. It was so cute to see Eric making plays with the kids. The kids all had so much fun. I've got the coolest hubby!

Even though there are only a few kids shown there were about 8 kids here...playing football in our tiny yard!

On Monday we met some friends at the Red Barn. It is a little south of our house and they have a pumpkin patch and stuff.
We all got to take a hayride down to the pumpkin patch.

We let the kids each pick out a pumpkin. It turned out to be way colder than we were prepared for. We better get used to winter's coming!
Here are most of the kids. They had a little kid-sized "corn maze." It was really made out of that wood behind them, but they loved it. Plus it was easy enough for them do to alone, I've been stuck in a corn maze once--they can be impossible to get out of! Of course I didn't call 911 like a lady did in Utah the other day!
By the end of the night it was FREEZING and poor Joey was wrapped up in Ty's jacket (I guess I should say poor Ty...) I love Joey's face here. He's thinking, "Why in the world am I out late in the pitch black and freezing cold? You do remember I am a baby, don't you?!?!?!"
The hayride back to the barn from the pumpkin patch.

Inside the barn they have the world's best ice cream...literally. Lots of treats and HUGE pumpkins. Look at the size of that thing.
It was a fun night with friends, pumpkins, treats and hayrides. How could we go wrong? Definitely a yearly tradition for us...starting now.

Friday, October 14, 2011

So sweet...

Here is a conversation between me and Jacob yesterday...

Me: How are you liking school?
Jacob: I like it, but sometimes I feel sad when I go to school.
Me: Why do you feel sad?
Jacob: Because sometimes I want to stay home.
Me: Why do you want to stay home? You said you liked school.
Jacob: I like school, but I like you better.

What a cutie.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Catch Up

Okay, it's time to play catch up. I usually don't wait so long between posts but I guess I've dropped the ball here. Really our lives have been made up of school, football and soccer. We did take a break to hike Stewart Falls. Me and Tyler and Jake went with Jessica and Cory and their girls and Grandma Sharee on this fun hike. The boys loved it and thought they were very "outdoorsy". It was a good hike and the falls were cool. The kids had a blast playing in the water to cool off.Joey's been keeping us busy too. His favorite spot of destruction is this kitchen cabinet...
He always heads straight for it and pulls everything out that he can. You think I'd learn and stop putting stuff in it, but I haven't yet. I figure it is something safe for him to play in. Kids are going to get into something and if he's satisfied with this instead of chemicals and dishes (he already broke one of my nice Corningware dishes) then so be it.

He did have a birthday on September 18th. My baby is ONE! I can't believe it. We had family over for a BBQ and had lots of treats. He was fascinated by the candle on the cake and kept trying to grab it. Me and Uncle Cory were on the ball so no burns.
He loved to look at the cake but, wouldn't you know, he wouldn't put a bite of it in his mouth. Just like his brother Jake. He was a little leery of the presents...
But maybe that was just because he was accosted by all the kids. Poor little guy!
Last weekend we decided on the spur of the moment to borrow Craig's boat and go fishing. The kids had fun, but there wasn't a fish to be seen. Of course, me kids are always happy when there is yummy snacks around.
Tyler is looking more and more like a legitimate fisherman!

And in-between all Tyler's football games we have Jacob's soccer. He LOVES it. He hustles the whole game, gets right in the action and is doing so great at it. I love it--watching a bunch of kindergartners play soccer is really quite entertaining.

Well, that's all for now. I will try to be better about keeping up. But pretty much if you are wondering what we are up to, I am either at a football game, soccer game, cleaning up after the kids, making them food or doing laundry. Yep, sounds about right! And having a whole lot of fun in between!