Monday, January 7, 2013

Snow much fun!

Well here in Utah we have certainly welcomed the snow and COLD!  Okay, well maybe I didn't exactly WELCOME it, but it came anyway.  Last winter it barely snowed at all and never even got too cold, but this winter is a doozy!  We've had a few big snowstorms and for the past week if it gets over 10 degrees it's warm!  The boys have had a blast playing the snow, and luckily I can still use Joey as an excuse to not go outside.  I still have to help the boys with their snowclothes.....ugh.  But it is worth it when they show me their cool snow forts and stuff.  
 Eric and some other guys (Tyler and Jake included) went pheasant hunting a few weeks ago.  They had a really good time, the boys thought it was very cool.  I really liked this pic.
 We set up Christmas, and I have tried very hard to let go of decorating and letting the kids have more fun with it.  They do and they love it.  My tree may not look perfect and my stockings don't match but the kids are loving every minute.

Tyler has been working very hard learning guitar.  He is getting really good and played us all some Christmas carols.  He's been saving up for an electric guitar!  Yeah right, like I want one of THOSE around the house!
 Eric and I threw an ugly Christmas sweater party.  It was so much fun.  Adults only, so we were able to invite a lot of friends.  I must say there were some pretty darn ugly sweaters around!

 The Friday before Chrsitmas we spent up in Salt Lake at the Marriott hotel.  They have an indoor pool and sauna--that was the kids' favorite part!  It was very crowded up there, everyone wanting to see temple square lights and all, but it was still fun.  A lot of swimming!
 Joey and his signature "cheeser."

 We took a trip over to the BYU bookstore over the break and picked out some fun goodies for our friends over in Belgium.
We spent Christmas eve at Grandma Swenson's house.  The kids all got matching pj's to wear, as per tradition.  It was chaotic but that was mostly because of my kids.  
Christmas morning was great.  The kids were so excited and Santa did indeed come!  I knew he would, my kids are pretty darn great.  Jacob got an electric scooter!
Maggie got tons and tons and tons of girly stuff!  Crafts, jewelry, Barbies, dress up, you name it.  She was in girl heaven.

 Joey got in on the fun.
 Matching jammies!
 Once, again, the CHEESER!
And holy cow, look what Santa brought Tyler!  Well, I guess I can put up with the noise just because of the sheer look of joy on Tyler's face.  And I have to admit, it does sound pretty cool when he plays "Sweet Home Alabama."
All in all a great Christmas season.  I am sad/glad it is over, now we enter the doldrums of winter.  But all is well in the Swenson house so I will go to bed grateful tonight.