Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Little Visitor

Okay, so the other night Eric and I are sitting watching tv and we heard this tap like sound on the window.  It sounded like somebody threw something small and hit the window.  Then we heard it again...and again...and again!  We couldn't figure out exactly where the sound was coming from so the next time we heard it Eric muted the tv and we titled our heads just so to get a better idea of the situation.  Then suddenly something flies through the dark room right across the front of the tv.  We both caught a glimpse of the silhouette as it jetted by.  Can you guess what it was?  A BAT!!!  I kid you not, it was a real life nasty furry flying mammal disease-infested creepy BAT.  Eric flew off the sofa and flipped on the light and sure enough the bat was circling around the room.  He ran to the kitchen while I proceeded to cover myself up in a blanket and freak out.  We both were yelling, "There is a BAT in the house!  A freakin' BAT!"  Neither of us knew what to do.  I was freaked out (as Eric can tell you) but I can also say that Eric wasn't exactly in his happy place either.  We were clueless about how to handle this.  I was having visions of "The Office" episode where a bat in the office flies into one of the worker's hair.  AAHHHHH!!!!   After a few minutes, and a frantic phone call to Eric's parents to get their behinds down here and help us, the bat landed above the closet door.  I just had my iphone on me so the pics are terrible (my first priority was NOT getting a great shot of it), but it is the little dark spot on the top left corner of the skinny door...   Now it may look small in the pictures, once it landed, but trust me, when it was flying around it seemed huge.

Eric's parents got here and we devised a plan to slowly put a fishing net over it (Eric's job) and Sharee slid a spatula behind the net to knock the bat into it.  Eric then covered it with something and released it outside.  My job was supervisor....distant supervisor.   So it all worked out, but Eric's been gone a lot lately and what if I had been home alone?  Eek!  I can handle snakes, mice, whatever, but there is just something about bats that are sooooo  CREEPY!  We figured out it crawled in through the fireplace vent so needless to say the hole has been blocked.  All in all an exciting experience I never want to have again.  THERE WAS A BAT IN MY HOUSE!