Thursday, February 2, 2012

iPhone Forgottens

I rarely sync my iPhone with my computer so all the pics I take on it never get transferred over. But I recently did and here are a few fun ones....

Joey is deathly afraid of the carwash. The quality of the pic is terrible but Joey's face is classic. You have to soothe him the whole time or he completely loses it!
Shopping at the mall one day Maggie made a new friend...
Jacob loved soccer. It was his first foray into youth sports and he was digging it! I may have posted this pic before, but it was on my phone so I thought I'd post it again. How can you resist such a cute kid? The best part is he is as sweet as pie. So helpful and fun.
The boys' favorite thing is showering in our big shower (can you blame them?). They love to play with my shower caps. So when I want to use them the next morning they are all filled with water, inside and out.
Just a few fun pics.