Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Sunday Best

Yesterday we all got ready for church on time, without a big rush right before it was time to leave.  So I had a few moments to look over my brood and I realized, man, I have some good lookin' kiddos!  So I had to snap a few pics.  These pictures are solely posted for the intent of showing off my adorable kids, completely for bragging rights.  The first is the boys--Jacob got a new dinosaur tie and loved it!
And Maggie was all decked out too.  She obviously was very happy in her dress and bow.  Hopefully that means she will be a girly girl!  

I just loved all of these pictures.  I need to look at these shots when I am feeling frustrated with my kids so it will remind me that my kids aren't always crazy....they can be very sweet.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My 2 Superheroes

The above pic I had Eric take because I was recently looking at some old friends' blogs (from dental school and stuff like that) and none of them had pictures of themselves on them, only of their kids!  But I wanted to see my friends so I thought I'd post a pic of the current Kelly.  Of course, I didn't want a pic of just me (how conceited would that be) so we threw Maggie in there as a buffer.  It came out pretty cute for an on the spot idea!  Below is another picture Tyler took and again, he caught Maggie smiling.  I look like I have a double chin, so just ignore that....  Maggie has kind of a silly smile but it shows her personality.  She is so smiley and happy most of the time.  She loves people!
So, I was having a snack this afternoon in the kitchen while Jacob was coloring (with his back to me) at the table.  All of the sudden Jacob says, "Look mommy, I'm a superhero!"  I turn around and see this exact scene........
I almost got mad, but then had to laugh.  He told me, "I have a superhero mask!"  So, I snapped a picture and we showed daddy and all had a good laugh.  Well, I guess that was a mistake because a minute later Tyler runs in, "I'm a superhero too!"  
So there are my two superheroes.  Aren't I lucky to be so protected?  And lastly is a picture Jacob took when he got a hold of the camera without me knowing.  Now, this is just a sample, it is one of no less than 58 picture he took almost exactly like this.....  I guess his artistic skills aren't quite up to par with his brother's yet....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All talk and no pics

Sorry, I have no pictures for this post.  We recently went to St. George for the holiday weekend with family and I forgot my camera like a dope.  Oh well.  We've had a few interesting things happen this past week.  On Thursday, Tyler had his Valentine's Day party at school.  Well, I got a call around noon saying that Tyler had puke all over him.  So I went to school as fast as I could and they said it wasn't Tyler's vomit, but another kid had thrown up all over him (and it was ALL over him--shirt, pants, socks and shoes).  Guess who the kid was?  None other than Eric's commanding officer's son!  It was so gross--the nurse hadn't done anything to clean it up so it was up to me (probably due to legal issues).  Now let me tell you that if you think it is bad cleaning up your own kids' puke, it is a million times more disgusting cleaning up a different kids' puke.  Plus it was bright red (due to an overload of Valentine's Day candy no doubt).  So, it was an experience.  
On Friday we left for St. George.  We had a great time while we were there except for night times.  We were staying in a hotel and those of you who've done so with 3 little kids knows what I mean.  Here are Eric and I, trying to tame the battle between Tyler and Jacob sharing a bed ("He's on my side!  Stop kicking me! Give me some covers!") , keep everyone quiet so Maggie would sleep in a pack n' play that takes up the entire vanity area, and laying there no later than 8 p.m. in the dark with nothing to do.  It made for a few sleep-deprived nights (as if my sleep hasn't suffered enough lately!).  But the days were a blast.  The boys had so much fun with their cousins, Maggie loved the attention from everyone.  We shopped, hiked, and just enjoyed some company and civilization.  
One sad story from our trip, though, was Jacob.  He was sick with a bad cough/cold and congestion.  The first night we put him to bed but he woke up about an hour later just crying uncontrollably.  I took him in bed with me and Eric went in the bed with Tyler.  I couldn't get Jake to stop crying and he started grabbing his ear saying it hurt.  Then, and this broke my heart, he started crying, "Take it off mommy!  Take it off!"  When I told him I couldn't take his ear off he cried, "Get the scissors and take it off mommy!"  I felt so bad I wanted to cry.  It was so sweet at the same time.  After a while, we realized we had to do something so Eric got dressed and went to a store and got some medicine (don't we love daddies?).  Eventually we got Jacob to sleep, sitting up in one of the chairs propped up with pillows and blankets.  It was quite a night.  
One quick side note is that Jacob has a cute new saying.  He doesn't really say, "Woo hoo" anymore, to my dismay, but he has replaced it with a new phrase, "all the day."  I have no idea where it came from but he uses it all the time.  "I take a nap all the day.  I eat french fries all the day.  I get dressed all the day."  It is so funny, he drags out the all so it is more like, "aaaaaallll the day."  Makes me smile.  One of those niblets of joy we mommies have to find in our day.  I know this is a long post, sorry, but that's all.  Now I will go have a snack...all the day. 

Monday, February 9, 2009

I knew it...

Tyler wanted me to post this picture of us together.  He said it was one of his favorite pictures because it was of his mom.  Aawwww....  But, I knew it couldn't be that easy with Jacob.  He hasn't 100% regressed into diapers, but he has a few accidents a day now.  So, the underwear is out and the pullups are in.  He still has only had one poopy accident, which is lucky.  Those underwear go straight into the trash.  But, I am hopeful he will get back into the swing of things....  I knew I couldn't be that lucky.  Here is a picture of Tyler showing off his artistic prowess.  He drew the dragon on the left and colored the one on the right.  They are Bakugan dragons.  He was pretty proud as you can see.
I just had to show you all these cute socks my sister gave me for Maggie.  They came in a whole set of different colors, they are called Mary Janes (for obvious reasons).  Aren't they so cute?  They are perfect because I never put my kids in shoes until they are walking so these fit the bill.
What follows are pictures of Maggie that Tyler took when I was unaware.  I think he is going to be a professional photographer when he grows up.  He loves to take pictures and does a fantastic job!
And of course these next two Tyler told me that he was letting Maggie play with his toys--first Bakugan cards then superheroes....  I am sure she loved playing with them...

I can't believe Tyler captured this moment--I have the hardest time getting her smiles on camera, and my 5-year-old gets a great one!
And this one just made me laugh...
And a cool pic of the sky the other day--that is the moon in the middle.  The boys thought it was the coolest thing to see the moon in the middle of the day.