Friday, March 21, 2014

You take the good, You take the bad

Well, it's always best to start off with the bad news, right?  On Sunday we were driving over to the land we bought to walk around it and see what needs to be done.  We put Ziggy in the back of the truck, where she's been a ton of times before, for the LESS THAN A MILE drive.  All the sudden we hear a loud yelp, turn around and see Ziggy on the road trying to stand up.  We hurried back and she was bleeding and it seemed pretty clear she had broken her leg.  We think she jumped out of the truck because she saw some pheasants in the field (we saw them there).  

We carried her to the cab, and started driving to the animal hospital.  We had a little trouble finding one--the one we called first had a 6 hour wait time, and they said the next nearest was in Salt Lake.  Whaaa?  So I called a different animal hospital I knew of in Provo and the doctor answered and said he'd be right over.  Perfect.  It was a stressful drive but we made it.  The doctor admitted her and treated her for shock.  He said he'd call the next day after she was under anesthesia and took x-rays.  So he called the next day and told us she had broken the femur into 5 pieces and a piece was missing because it had apparently flown out of her leg (hence the bleeding we saw) and is now left somewhere on the road where she fell.  He was able to fix it with metal plates and pins, but the prognosis is fairly good only if we keep her basically on kennel rest for 3 months.  Yikes, she is going to be an unhappy dog!  No running, playing, wrestling, jumping, etc.  And then hopefully she will make a full recovery.  

So I am trying to be diligent, keeping her most of the time in her kennel.  I do take her out a few times a day for an hour or so, but I keep her on leash so she doesn't try to run or anything.  I make her sit, but I brush her, play a few little thinking games with her and just pet her.  She never wants to go back in her kennel.  It is sad.  But we are doing our best and hopefully these next 12 weeks will go by fast!

It actually looks not too bad...
 Except for the nasty bruise on the inside of her leg.
 And her knee joint is super swollen as you can see here....
 On to happier news, spring is here!  It is by no means hot outside, but definitely time to put the trampoline back up!  Last night the kids and I put the tramp up and it didn't take long for them to start jumping--even before I could get the last few springs on!  And forget about the pad--that will have to wait until tomorrow!

 And on another happy note (for one of my kids), Tyler finally gets his own room.  We've talked about it for a long time, but never actually did anything about it since we figured Joey was too little to share (okay, too naughty--he'd keep everyone up all night).  But the time finally did come.  And I have to say, Tyler has kept that room spic and span since the day he moved in!  Bed made, toys put away, laundry in the basket....   It's been great!  He even gets to put his stuffed pheasant in it (on the left).

So Tyler is happy.  Jacob, on the other hand, feels a bit jipped (or however you spell that).  But his turn will come!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Utah is in a dry spell--reservoirs are low and snow/rain is down.  So when it rained last week we decided to welcome it!  It was breezy and Joey was afraid his umbrella was going to blow away, but he managed.  They had so much fun splashing and running around.