Thursday, June 8, 2017

Work Hard, Play Hard

So far this summer we have been living the mantra "Work hard, Play hard."  There've been many long days outside working in the yard, hauling hay, spreading mulch, setting up trampoline pits, installing metal edging, and more!  But we've spent a lot of time partying it up--swimming, playdates, bowling, grandma's house fun, hooray!  A couple days ago we went to lunch with my mom and then bowling after.  Now, I may possibly be the world's worst bowler.  Not that I try to improve my skills--if I go bowling once a year that's a lot.  But even within the same 10 frame game, I'll get 3 gutter balls, and then a strike.  Eric will always say to me, "Do what you did for the strike again, keep your hand straight, look down the lane...."  Well, the problem is that I feel like I am doing the exact same thing when I bowl a strike as when I bowl a gutterball.  Nothing feels different (except my elation or disappointment at how many pins go tumbling).  And most of this game with grandma was no different.  I think by the end of the 8th frame I had 60 points.  I'd never broken 80 bowling anyway, but I was having a particularly bad game.  Last place the whole way.  (The kids did have bumpers though--maybe I should consider bumpers!)  Then by a stroke of luck I got a spare in the 9th frame.  So pressure was on for the 10th and last frame of the game.  I gave it a whirl and lo and behold got a strike!   Couldn't have been better timing!  So I got another roll since it was a strike--ANOTHER STRIKE!!!  2 in a row!  Knocked down about 7 my last roll and ended up handily winning the whole game--WITHOUT BUMPERS!  I ended up with a 97--my highest bowling score ever!  Needless to say I was pretty proud of myself (kidding).  But it was fun the make such a great comeback!  The kids loved it too.  They all cheered for each other.  Maggie was in first place for a lot of the game but her luck ran out (or got stolen by me) and ended up losing.  She'll get us next time!

 Joey was always eager to take his throws and once threw it too soon and hit the big black thing that comes down to set the pins, set the game board off, so we had to have the counter lady come fix it AND retrieve his ball stuck in the middle of the lane.  Oops, typical Joey.  He can find (cough: make) trouble like no one else.  Just last week he drew with pen on the walls and my white cabinets, and that some afternoon threw a remote at the downstairs tv and shattered our 55" plasma tv screen.  .......   It was one of those things where it is so bad you don't even get mad.  Seriously, I find myself more mad at the pen on the wall or spilled messses they leave than the big huge stuff--almost because I didn't even know how to react.  I left it at this--the tv is still on the wall (the glass didn't shatter but the screen inside's hard to explain...) and I told the kids that was it for that tv.  They asked if I was going to buy a new one.  Nope.  I don't care.  I never watched tv there, and it was mostly the video game tv and I hate video games anyway.  So no skin off my back!  Anyway, Joey had a good game bowling, and he sure used those bumpers!
 A couple weeks ago, Eric had a conference in Washington DC, so we told Tyler if he got good grades he could go.  My some miracle in the 11th hour Tyler pulled it off and was able to go.  They had a blast.  They went to an Orioles game....
 Ate sushi... (I love that Tyler loves sushi--after being so picky when he was little he has come a long way!)
 Visited the house he lived in the first 2 years of his life...  (We've come a long way since those dental school days!--The entire house is like 14 feet wide, you can see from the picture.  I will forever love this little townhouse.  It's where our life really began!)
 And they visited a couple Smithsonian museums and just had a good time together.  It was great that Tyler was able to go and spend some quality time with dad.  Male bonding!

Lots of play, but as I said, lots of work too!  We ended up hiring someone to install the sprinkler system (we were going to do it ourselves but every weekend was rainy so it was setting us back too long)--but we installed all the metal edging.  We had to cut and weld rebar pieces to the edging to help it stay in the ground.  So we gave Tyler the job of cutting the rebar into small pieces.  He was petrified of the sparks that went flying--so he put on glasses, a sweatshirt and a hat.  As you can see:  (keep in mind it was over 80 degrees out)...
 But that wasn't enough it turns out.  (I didn't get a picture of this one)  Tyler was still afraid of the sparks so he pulled the strings around the hood of the sweatshirt and tightened it around his face so that the only thing visible were his nose and glasses.  It was seriously hilarious.  Too bad I didn't get a pic of it!  But after a TON of work we eventually got all the edging in.  And then brought in some mulch for the backyard.  Worked a few days getting that spread out.  Had the boys gathering rocks and dumping them in our ever-growing dump pile (it's very classy)...  As you can also see I can't keep Tyler in jeans.  EVERY time I buy him a new pair he outgrows them in a month.  He had no jeans that fit so you'll have to excuse the floods....yes I did buy him some new jeans after this.
 And then it was back to play.  The younger kids went to my mom's house and of course, played in the sprinklers and water (I'm sure they can't wait to get grass to play on at our house!)  It is always fun at grandma's!

The sprinklers are in, the edging is in, so it was time for the hydroseed.  We got that put in about a week ago.  It's been THE BIGGEST PAIN!  The trick is to keep it moist all the time, but not soggy and never let puddles form.  Well guess what...that is impossible.  I end up with puddles, so I water less, but then there are dry spots, so I water a little more and there are puddles.  I've tried hand watering the dry spots but it takes forever.  Plus I have to do it 3 times a day.  So we spent a while messing with the sprinklers to try to even it out.  After trying everything we still have trouble spots, but you know what, it's as good as it's gonna get.  I just really hope this stinking grass grows!  I told Eric if this doesn't grow I am not doing seed again, I'll put sod right over the top of it, no matter how much it costs!  But my fingers are crossed that in the end it will work out....   Here's the back yard after it got seeded....

 And now more work.  Our fields are growing amazingly well--they better be with all the rain we had this spring!  So got it cut and baled and spent Saturday morning hauling it all to the barn.
 Tyler is smiling, but it was hot and scratchy!  But we got it done.  I can't wait until all the boys are old enough to help so I don't have to!
 Now more playing--Jake had his birthday party (not really a party, more like a get together with his buddies) at Aunt Jessica's pool.  They boys had a blast!  They all play so well and even after 4 hours in the water they wanted to stay!  The boys had to go home but My kids and I stayed another 2 hours!  Phew!  It's ok because Eric and Tyler are gone at scout camp all week so I've got to find things to do anyway.  Shockingly my kids weren't sunburned even though I only applied sunblock at the beginning!
So far summer has been's to the rest of it!