Sunday, February 22, 2015

Additions, Amendments, etc. etc. etc.

I was in a rush to catch up on things after I got back from California when I posted my last blog.  Hence, I forgot about some pictures from my camera which I decided to include here.  Of course at my mom's house we had to take a trip to the beach.  It is my kids' favorite thing to do (tied with playing in the hot tub), plus it is free.  Bonus!  I used to not enjoy going to the beach until recently--I have finally discovered that if I bring and umbrella and chair it is MUCH more enjoyable.  Too bad I'm discovering this at the twilight days of going out to visit my mom (she's moving to Utah in a few months).  I'm sure it also helps that my kids are slightly older and don't need as much direct supervision.

Being winter the water was colder than normal so most of the time was spent chasing birds, exploring tidepools, and playing in the run off river.

 I wanted a picture of Ty and Jake.  I got this first try but they looked a little strange,
 So I tried again but apparently they looked weird because they were trying to not be blinded by the sun.  "Mom, no more pictures!  The sun is killing our eyes!"

 The house is coming along pretty nicely.  I can't take inside shots too well right now because the painters are in there.  But the more cars I see out front the happier I am!  It's always a downer when I drive by and the place is deserted.
 One day on our California trip we went down to San Diego and toured the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier.  I was a little nervous how it would all go down--I'd been there once before with the kids but I was by myself.   First of all the ship is HUGE and second of all it can be tricky to maneuver your way around and up and down very steep staircases.  But this time Eric was there.  It was actually really fun!  Maggie thought the headsets were the coolest thing.  She always made sure we all typed in our number to hear about the ship.
 On the flight deck they had a fighter jet you could sit in.  The kids thought that was pretty cool.

 Joey loved any room where he could push buttons.  Let's just make sure he never sits at the actual "red Button" seat.  The joy on his face here is a little disturbing.  Would you want this guy in the hot seat?
 I took this picture not realizing the title on the chair he was in.  But man, how true is this?...
 We toured the captains quarters and control tower which was really awesome.

 Very steep stairs!  This picture doesn't do it justice.  It was basically a glorified ladder.
I have a new appreciation for soldiers who are stationed on these ships.  I myself would get claustrophobic sleeping in those bunks!  But I am so grateful for all those men and women who do!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Heat wave

Well out here in Utah it hasn't seemed much like winter at all!  It's been awesome weather.  Eric is bummed because skiing is a no-go, but my old California self is loving it!

With the great weather comes good times!  Joey got to take a field trip with his preschool  to a deli in Spanish Fork where they make their own bread!  He got to wear a groovy hair net and tour the bakery.  After they gave him lunch and a Valentine cookie to decorate.  I ate the sandwich, he ate the cookie. 

 On a boring Saturday we went up to Salt Lake with Eric's parents to have lunch and go to a boat show.  We took the Front Runner train up just to add some pizzaz.  The kids thought it was great!

 Joey did not want to stay in his seat though.  He kept wanting to climb around but they have very strict rules on the train about shoes on seats (no kidding) so he couldn't.  He tried his best to cope...
 What a cutie and stinker all at the same time.
 Thanks to the "Dumb Ways to Die" song and video (check it out on youtube) they were good about staying behind the yellow line!
 It was a fun Saturday!

Then over President's Day we decided to take one last trip down to my mom's house.  It was pretty last minute, but we did it!  The weather there was awesome.  We went to the beach and of course, swam in the hot tub!
 My mom and Dick were kind enough to give Eric and I a night off and took the kids to Chuck E Cheese.  Going there has become kind of a ritual for us when we visit my mom.

 It was actually a lot of fun!  And no one fell in...bonus!

Now we are back and getting into the swing of things again after our quick vaca.  Hopefully soon we will be moving into the new house!