Friday, February 26, 2010

My Little Hero

Yesterday was the big day. For those who don't know, Jacob had his tonsils and adenoids removed. We got up bright and early at 4:45 a.m., got everyone ready, dropped Tyler and Maggie off with a friend and went on our way. It is a long drive to the hospital and it was difficult to explain to Jacob why he couldn't have anything to drink or eat. He was very thirsty and hungry. But he went with the flow pretty well. We got to the hospital and Jacob got to put on his "special pajamas." He liked that they were "blue-ish green-ish."

Normally they wait until little kids are asleep to give them their IV but it is much better if you can get it in before. Because he had done so well the day before getting his blood drawn they decided to try to put in his IV. He wasn't too excited about it, but didn't complain. He watched the nurse as she did it. She tried to put it in the back of his hand and he said, "Ouch ouch ouch! That hurts!" He didn't cry but his face looked like he wanted to. But the nurse couldn't get the vein so she had to pull it out and do it again in his elbow pit (I don't know what that part of your arm is called....). He didn't really whine for that one, I think he was just mostly not wanting to have do have it stuck in his arm AGAIN.
She got the vein and Jacob was SO good about not pulling on it or bending his arm too much. It was so funny because for all the rest of the day, even after we got home, he kept trying not to move that arm. We kept telling him it was okay but I think he was just doing it out of habit.
He was a trooper the whole time. I could tell he was getting a little nervous (see below) as we walked into the surgery department. Eric and I could only walk to the doorway, then they had to take him the rest of the way to the room alone. He never cried, just was quiet and watched. What a brave little guy.
All the doctors were amazed that he already had an IV in and then that he hadn't been pulling at it. Eric and I waited in the waiting room and after about half an hour the doctor came out and said everything went great. He actually said he normally takes the adenoids out first but Jacob's tonsils were so big he couldn't even get past them to get to the adenoids. So he had to do his routine backwards and take out his tonsils first. No biggie, but that just shows how BIG his tonsils were! The doc also commented on how brave Jacob was. He had never seen a 3-year-old so "stoic", as he put it. He said after they got into the surgery room Jacob was so good, never whined, helped them hold the mask on his face, etc. Good! We went back to recovery. The doctor said that Jacob better be crying otherwise there is something wrong with him! Well, he finally was. It was the anesthesia wearing off. He was a little agitated and wouldn't sit still until I was able to get him on my lap. Then he really settled down when Eric held him...he loves his daddy! He rested for a while after that.
He has done better than I expected. He drank some juice and ate some yogurt and ice cream and popsicles at home. He has complained a few times that his throat hurts, and I know it does, but he doesn't cry about it. He is doing well, we are just trying to get him to drink/eat as much as we can. Hopefully he will feel a lot better in a few days. As a side note, his voice already sounds different. I wonder what he will sound like when all the swelling goes down....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Medical Miracle

Somehow Maggie managed to get her shirt above her head like this--yes, she did this completely by herself! She thought it was the funnest thing EVER and ran around the house laughing for like 20 minutes. Once she got bored with that then she kept putting her blanket over her head. So I tied it around her and for the next 20 minutes she thought THAT was the funnest thing ever. Wouldn't it be great to be so easily amused?
Today while I was in the shower I thought it was strange that Maggie didn't come in the bathroom and pull back the shower curtain over and over like she normally does. So after I went scouring the house (which was oddly silent) and getting a little worried that I couldn't find Maggie, I look over behind the kitchen table next to our shoe basket and this is what I saw....
Dead asleep on the floor. It was so pathetic looking! Poor little baby....

Tomorrow is Jacob's surgery. Today he had his pre-op appointments and had to get a blood draw from his arm. I was so worried because he has actually been really excited for his surgery and I thought this would totally scare him out of going tomorrow. So I prepared for the worst and watched as the 2 nurses came in. Jacob laid down on the table, put his arm out, they put the rubber band tourniquet on. Here it comes......Jacob watched calmly and didn't even flinch as he watched them put the needle in and the vial fill up with blood. He didn't make a peep or complain or cry or anything! That child is a miracle, and tough as nails! He told me it hurt a little bit but he was being brave. Even the nurses were shocked. How many 3 year olds can get a blood draw without even flinching? I was so proud of him I bought him 2 suckers, a bag of chips and gave him a quarter. Totally worth it!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Tyler: "Mom, I like science now. I used to like cars but now I like science, like dinosaur fossils and stuff. I think I need to start collecting bones so I can science them." I told him he should definitely science some the heck out of 'em.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A few videos for your viewing pleasure....

Feeling blue? Try this one...

Thinking about enjoying a new snack? This is for you...

The grand finale. You think YOUR kids are driving you nuts? Here's my Saturday

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sticker man and the Runaway...

Every so often we get some stickers in the mail for whatever reason. Late one night this is what the boys decided to do with them (see above). At least if he gets lost someone can return him home (the stickers have our name on them).

Maggie's favorite activity is playing out front. I am assuming it's because she gets her little taste of freedom. She immediately takes off as fast as her short little stubby legs can carry her. She refuses to come back--I have to go and get her. As much as it is a pain, it is so funny. There she goes...!

Jacob was kind enough to bring her back this time....
She started getting a little cocky with her newfound liberties until I had to put her in her place.
A few days ago the boys got to paint some little wooden toys they picked out for 39 cents at Walmart. They LOVED it. It was a good activity to take up our Sunday morning since church doesn't start until 1:00.

All in all only a little mess and a lot of fun--a success in my book.