Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baseball baseball baseball

We've been pretty busy out here in the desert. The weather has been good most days so we go outside a lot. Maggie LOVES to play outside. Any chance she gets she runs out the back door. I have to keep it locked all the time or she will go out back. She has even figured out how to get onto the trampoline! She can't get off yet, so that causes some problems.... We'll have to work on it.

The boys love to collect "treasures" (i.e. garbage) outside and put them in their special treasure boxes they each have. They also love to hammer everything so we went to Home Depot a while back and got some scrap wood, let them each pick out some washers, nails, S hooks, etc. A few things they found interesting. Now they can hammer away at their stuff and stay out of our real tool supplies. They love it! As you can see above, Maggie loves it too!

Maggie also LOVES this little plastic car. I found it outside the thrift shop here on post for free. I cleaned it up and brought it home. You know, sometimes you get stuff like that and it never gets used but this is different. All the kids love it but Maggie has claimed it as her own. She bolts outside and heads straight for it, gets in, then waves and calls, "Bye bye!"
Maggie also has a little quirky thing she does--she raises up her shoulders. It is so funny. She does it to be funny, too--like she understands it is a silly thing. I tried and tried to get a picture but she loves to act silly when she does it so I couldn't get her to hold still. This is the best I could get. I will have to try to get it on video....
I was really sick on Sunday and could hardly get out of bed. So I laid in bed while the kids watched a movie and Eric was gone at church. After a little while the boys came upstairs and brought me all this---waffles with syrup, a bowl of Nilla Wafers, glass of water for food, A glass dish of water and some soap in case I needed to wash my hands, several tissues, and a few toys to make me feel better. They also loaded me up with stuffed animals which you can't see because they are all on the bed. It was very sweet, although it made a mess for me to clean up later....
Tyler has been playing baseball here on post for a few weeks now. It keeps us busy. Officially there is one practice and 2 games per week, but his coach has added 2 additional practices each week too! That means Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat are all baseball days. Sheesh! I skip out on a few of the practices just because I think it is too much. But Tyler is doing so well! He is the best hitter on his team and Eric is working with him on catching. It is fun to watch him play, which is good, I guess, since I have so many opportunities to watch!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A couple videos

Look what Tyler learned at school.....

Even though the boys were crazy, Maggie LOVES her baby!