Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fun in the Sun

Spring is here, which means lots of good times and excitement for summer!  To kick off the spring Jacob had his 2nd grade program at school.  It was awesome, but I ended up fighting the whole time to keep Joey in his seat.  Jacob remembered his part...

It was so funny because he couldn't have looked more BORED the entire time, but the girl next to him (in the pink shirt) was SO animated and bubbly with every song.   It was cracking me up.

 Joey is loving playing with his cars lately.  Unfortunately for me I find them everywhere.  Joey can be so sweet and cute sometimes, but quite often he is just a little stinker.   He refuses to listen or clean up or anything.  He just doesn't care if I put him in time out, take his toys away, or even (gasp!) spank him!  It is so frustrating!  So I had to document a cute moment at the counter....
For spring break Eric was working so I drove the kids down to visit my mom.  The weather was awesome--a little hot but perfect for the beach.  We went to a big park and had a picnic.  (This is all a bit out of order).  We went to the beach twice.  My favorite beach is called Mother's Beach---officially it is called Little Corona Beach--in Corona Del Mar.   It's pretty close, but you have to walk down a big steep hill to get to it.  But that must deter people because it is NEVER crowded.  Plus the beach is a good size, but small enough so that from one spot you can see the entire beach.  There are tidepools on one end and big rocks to climb on on the other end.  Plus a little stream to play in for the little ones who are afraid of the ocean.  Ty and Jake jumped right in..

 They played and played and played and could've stayed all day.  Since the beach is free I could have stayed too!  Everyone was having fun and being good.  But one BAD thing about southern California is the traffic.  So you either have to leave by 2:30, or stay until 6:30!  But it was just so much fun there with the kids all getting along.  The first day we even saw a group of dolphins not 100 feet from where we were standing!  They swam and jumped for about 10 minutes then finally left.  It was awesome--they were practically on the beach!  The kids thought it was awesome.

 The other highlight of grandma's house is the hot tub.  I think my kids must be half fish--they would live in the water if they could.  I guess I'll have to build a pool someday!  They spent most of their time playing in the hot tub together.  WATER WATER WATER!  They can't get enough of it.
We also went to the Museum of Natural History which would have been fun if Maggie and Joey hadn't been crying the whole time.  But it didn't compete with the beach or even grandma's hot tub!
It was a really fun trip, and the kids were even pretty good on the drive home.  Overall a good time!